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Monday, October 20, 2014

Any citizen who takes even a minimal interest in public issues has heard of the achievement gap between whites and students of color.  For the civic-minded among us, it is alarming that racial disparities in educational outcomes are especially deep in Minneapolis. And those brave citizens who ask, “What can be done about it?” are greeted with so many answers (often delivered with great passion) that it’s no wonder some are tempted to tune out altogether.

This program is dedicated to the proposition that ideas do matter and when connected with the power to implement can make a positive difference.  Investment in early childhood education, smaller class sizes, community schools, genuine partnerships with parents, granting greater autonomy (and accountability) to teachers and individual schools are just a few examples. 

Some policy ideas are controversial. That’s why policy, power, and politics are linked. And what better time to discuss public policy for public education than during a school board election campaign.  Joining TruthtoTell co-hosts Siobahn Kierens and Tom O’Connell are Don Samuels, at-large candidate for the school board and Michael Diedrich, an education policy fellow with MN 2020. 

TruthtoTell has invited the other three at-large candidates, Iris Altamirano, Rebecca Gagnon and Ira Jordain to join the conversation in the weeks remaining before the election.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Join Siobhan Kierans Monday at 9 a.m., when she speaks with Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie about his past seven years in office, his career in politics, and the election and voting process. 

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