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TruthToTell, June 6: BUDGET STANDOFF: Blinking? or Blindfolded?

The budget impasse continues as this is written with threats of a state government shutdown on Fiscal Year end – June 30. Will state workers be furloughed on July 1? Many have received notices that, indeed, they will be told to stay home on July 1 in the absence of a budget resolution between DFL Governor Mark Dayton and GOP Legislative majority leadership by the June 30 deadline.

TruthToTell, May 23: TODD LEFKO: An American in Moscow

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TruthToTell May 9: SEX OFFENDERS:What Should Really Happen to Them? - Audio Below-Video in Archive


Minnesota’s Sex Offender policy has mushroomed into a full-fledged Constitutional crisis, if recent developments and about twenty years or more of political ping-pong are any indication. No crime – even murder without sex attached – strikes as heavy a cord in the dissonant upheaval over just what society should do about sex offenders – especially AFTER they’ve served their sentences.

Truth to Tell: Tobacco Marketing to Youth

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Host Andy Driscoll speaks with representatives from the Ramsey County Tobacco Coalition, Youth Volunteers who work on tobacco awareness, and Parents for Ethica Marketing. Learn more about how young people are targeted by the tobacco industry and what can be done about it.